How to show total Downloads in Easy Digital Downloads (EDD)

Follow the below instruction to show total Downloads in Easy Digital Downloads (EDD).

Go to functions.php and paste this code:

Then to bring it all together, you can get the total number of customers, products, and file downloads with the following PHP:

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    Where is the Function.php located.? When i goto plugin editor in EDD, there are so many function such as

    and many more.

    Can You Please Provide me more details on these…

    • This is not plugin php file. You need go to theme directory “theme-directory > functions.php” and paste first code.


        Thank You. I have pasted the code and where will the results be shown? I host an mp3 website but by pasting this cost, nothing happens? my mail: [email protected]

        • Give me your website link.


            can you provide me your mail? since my website is not yet publish to the public. we are in the progress of construction. I will send in your mail.

          • Sure abs.rubel1[at]


            check your mail

          • OK

  • Hello Dear Rubel,

    I am a newbie, I have a store built with EDD. Now I want to show the total downloads count in a part of my website. And it will be a live countdown like Freepik . com does on the footer. Is it possible with this code? And how to use this code? Is it a plugin or I need to put this code in my website? Please help me as I am very much newbie on this EDD.

    Thanks in Advance 🙂

    • Use this code in your functions.php

      function edd_count_total_file_downloads() {
      global $edd_logs;
      return $edd_logs->get_log_count( null, ‘file_download’ );

      And use this code for download count in footer

      echo edd_count_total_file_downloads();


      • Hello Bro I add the first code on Theme function.php (please check: )

        And then add the second code on Footer.php, as well as try on widget, but it is not working…(please check: )

        Can you please help me with this? Do you need my login so you can try your self, if you have some time of course! I can send you login through you contact page.

        Thanks Bro

  • Thanks