Custom Post Pagination not Working

If you’re encountering issues with custom post pagination, here are some suggestions to enhance your implementation.

Custom Post Query:

Ensure your custom post query is correctly set up for the ‘download‘ post type. Here’s an example:

Loop through Posts and Display Content:

Make sure you are looping through your custom posts and displaying the content using ‘content-item.php‘. The loop structure should look similar to this:

Pagination Output:

Include the pagination output within the loop if posts are available. Utilize the ‘st_posts_pagination‘ function to generate pagination links:

Pagination Function Code:

Ensure that the ‘st_posts_pagination‘ function is correctly defined and operational. Here is an improved version of your provided code:

By following these steps and ensuring that your custom post query, loop, and pagination function are correctly configured, you should be able to resolve any issues with custom post pagination.


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