Add custom field to WooCommerce product category


How to import database in MySQL using terminal

For large and very large SQL file, the best approach is to login your server via SSH and directly import it in the database by this command line after uploading the SQL file in /root via FTP:

mysql -u <username> -p <databasename> < <filename.sql>

And enter the password when it prompts you. It will then start importing wordpress.sql into the databasename database.

How to modified wp_trim_words to include html tags

How to Install DWA-131 WiFi driver on Linux (Elementary)

Please open a terminal and, with a temporary working internet connection, do:

Your wireless should now be working.

How to Show Registration Date in WordPress User Profiles

If you show registration date in Author page, Use this code in author.php

If you show registration date in Single post, Use this code in single.php

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