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How to setup WPCS with Visual Studio Code on Mac

Step 1. Install Composer

Download composer binary file from website by running the following command. It will create a composer.phar file in the current directory.

curl -sS | php

Now, copy this composer.phar file under bin directory to make available anywhere in the system. Also, set the execute permission on file. I have changed the filename from composer.phar to composer for the easy use.

sudo mv composer.phar /usr/local/bin/composer
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/composer

Run composer command on the command prompt. This will provide you composer version details along with options available with composer command.


Upgrade PHP Composer

The PHP composer provides a command-line option (self-update) to upgrade itself. You can simply run below command from the terminal to upgrade compose on your macOS.

sudo composer self-update

more step:

Visual Composer Get images from “attach_images”

In VC_MAP definition you have:

	"type"        => "attach_images",
	"heading"     => esc_html__( "Screenshots", "text-domain" ),
	"description" => esc_html__( "Add screenshots.", "text-domain" ),
	"param_name"  => "screenshots",
	"value"       => "",

In shortcode function you should have: Continue Reading